I didn’t receive my Certificate. How can I obtain it?

If you didn’t receive your Certificate it’s most likely because the Certificate was caught by your spam folder or blocked by a firewall. Please follow this link: e-Verify & Download to obtain a copy of your certificate and/or verify it’s validity. Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a copy of your Certificate.

Do you offer hands-on training?

No, we do not offer hands-on training. If your employer has requested you to receive hands-on training please visit CPR Near Me.

What are my pay options?

Our automated system is through PayPal’s Purchase Protection Anti-Fraud Technology Coverage for Consumers and Businesses. Allowing our customers the protection of PayPal gives us and our customers the assurance of a 100% satisfaction. You Do Not need to make a PayPal account to Pay with a Debit or Credit Card.

Are your certificates approved by my employer and/or state?

Our certification and coursework follow the guidelines of the AHA and ECC/ILCOR—meaning: all certificates are accepted.

How long does my certification last?

All certifications are valid for 2 years.

How long will it take to receive the wallet cards?

It usually takes 2-5 business days to receive your order. Upon a successful purchase all orders ship within 24 hours.

Is online training an approved way to earn a certification?

Yes, you can earn your certification online and it’s a more efficient way to earn your certification. We’ve certified hundreds of thousands of clients online. Our clients range from nurses, dentists, physicians, chiropractors, teachers, foster parents, industrial workers, healthcare professionals’, and many others.

Can I skip the course and take the exam?

Yes, you can skip the course and take the exam. All we ask is, in good faith, that you’ve been certified before in the course you’re wishing to certify in.

How long is each course?

All courses are on average 15-25 minutes. Our BLS course is 20-30 minutes.

How many questions are on each exam?

All exams have 10 (true/false or multiple choice) questions.

What if I fail the exam?

If, for whatever reason, you fail the exam you can retry as many times as you would like.

How much are the exams/test?

All exams/test are FREE of charge.

Do I need hands-on training?

No you do Not need hands-on training to be certified.

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